About Us
Want to know a little about us, maybe why this service exists?

What started in 2005 as I was trying to play irc uno and found it to be lacking, the bots had very little statisticsexcept the basic wins, losses, etc.. backed by the fact most were missing any variation in gameplayand all looked alike, no one took the time to change theirs.

I ended up looking around for a free irc uno script and came across bl4h's script. It was nice for the time, workedwell but still lacked a lot and bl4h never seemed to update it, with the addition it being public means there were alot of copies going around, all the same thing, everywhere, I wanted to change that.

That's when I decided to launch my own irc uno bot, while version 1 was based on bl4h's code I had bigger plans forthe future, with permission I modified bl4h's script heavily and started adding features, improving, etc.. one famousthing added was the Wild Draw 10 card which no other bot had. Version 2 came along and introduced moderate webstats which set it apart from other bots.

Various bots popped up but none could come close to matching it. The bot did still have plenty of bugs andinstead of chasing them around I decided to start a new bot from scratch, this not only allowed me to expand it beyondwhat it could do, but go further than anything previously developed as far as irc uno.

Version 3 wasn't the typical update, it no longer used any of bl4h's code. The database was switchedto MySQL (via DLL thanks to Ghozer), and introduced new gametypes such as Uno Elimination, cards such as Trade, Joker,etc.. and much, much more. This was also the time web statistics would shine, advanced player stats, match logging,records, etc.. set the bar to new levels, and still to this day is the most advanced irc uno web statistics you can find.

While it's not perfect, there are still a few rouge bugs here and there but nothing that's severe, compared to other ircuno bots it's mostly flawless. You won't find another irc uno bot out there with as much commitment. Our bot is 5x moreadvanced then any other irc uno script on the net today, and no other bot can even compare on the level of statisticswe offer. So stick around, join us on one of many irc networks we serve and play a few rounds of irc uno. :)

On note, version 2 ran from Friday, September 16th, 2005 to Friday, January 25th, 2008.
Version 3 is tracking stats since Friday, January 25th, 2008. :)