Uno Cards
[0-9]   Numbered
Numbered cards are exactly as their description. They are 0 through 9 cards, in all 4 (or 6) colors in thegame. These act as normal cards and can only be played on a matching color, or a card with the same number.

[S]   Skip
This card will cause the next player in order to be skipped. In a 2 player game, the skip just returns to the playerthat played it. With 3 or more players, the card skips the middle player, and such. The card may only be played ona matching color or on another skip card.

[R]   Reverse
This reverses the order of play. Play to the left changes direction to the right, and vice versa.In a 2 player game, it reverses back to the player that played the card. The card may only be played on amatching color or on another reverse card.

[DT]   Draw Two
When this card is played, the next player must draw two cards and forfeit their turn. If turned up at the beginningof play, the same rule applies. This card can only be played on matching colors and other draw two cards.

[HA]   Hit All
This card acts like a mass draw two card. Every player except the player thatplayed the card will draw two cards, unlike the regular draw two card this does not skip the next player.This card can only be played on a matching color, or on another hit all card.

[A]   Attack
The attack card is somewhat misunderstood, this card should not be confused with uno attack which is a gametype.What this card does is destroy the next players cards of that color. Eg: If player1 plays a blue attack,player2's blue cards are destroyed.

You might be thinking, how is this good if it's getting rid of cards.. Well, player2 is then forced to draw the numberof cards they lost. As an example, if player2 had 5 blue cards destroyed, they would then draw 5 cards. However, theyare not stopped from drawing the same color that was destroyed.

So what this does, is more of a scramble type card, that mixes up a color. Alternatively, it's also a way to see howmany cards the person has in that color, or if they have 0 cards in that color, etc. So it's a two sided card, it allowsboth possibilities that alter the gameplay quite a bit.

[Wild]   Wild
A wild card allows the player to change the color, once a player chooses a new color, play resumes in the currentorder. The next player has to play a card of the color chosen. A wild card can be played at any time, even if theplayer has another playable card in the hand. As of v3 the wild card no longer skips the next player.

[WD4]   Wild Draw 4
A wd4 is pretty much the same as a wild, except that it causes the next player to draw four cards and be skipped.The person that played the wd4 then chooses the color as usual, afterwhich play continues. This card is not normallysupposed to be played unless the player has no other choices to play, but in this version it's allowed to be played evenif you can play another card.

[WD10]   Wild Draw 10
The wd10 is the same as the wd4, with the exception that it's 10 cards instead of 4 that the player must draw.This card has been an exclusive to our bots since v1, and in v3 players can now opt out of having it in a deck to keepuno classic if they want.

[WD25]   Wild Draw 25
Introduced in v3 this card is an addition to the infamous wd10 card. This card is the same as the previous wd10 and wd4,except its 25 instead of 10 or 4. But don't worry, the card can be turned on or off for a round.

[Joker]   Joker
Also a new card based for v3 the joker card is like a draw three, but a long distance draw three. It allows you tohit somebody with 3 cards from where ever you are. The card however will not skip the player and will not let you changethe color. It's meant to give 3 cards to somebody and is mostly useful in 3 or more player games, as in a 2 playergame its as useful as a draw three.

[Trade]   Trade
The trade card, pretty much means what it's name is. This card will allow you to trade complete hands with another playerof your choice in the current round. The card can be played last to win uno, you won't be forced to select a player to tradewith in that case. If you play the card by mistake during a game, you will have to trade with somebody regardless.