Note: if you're new to irc uno (or new to our irc uno bot) you may want to check out our Guides pagewhich includes guides for new players, information on the cards, the game modes, game flags, how to use certain commands and more.

This page is more so just a list of available commands on our irc uno bot with basic information.

/Notice Commands

  • register <name> <pass> <email>

    This will register the account with the password.
  • login <name> <pass>

    Logs you in providing the password is correct.
  • setpass <oldpass> <newpass>

    Changes the password for the account.
  • setmail <newmail>

    Changes the email for the account.
  • setclr <1-8>

    Changes the card theme for the account.
  • democlr

    Demos the card themes available (for use with setclr <number>).
  • forgotpass <accountname>

    Will issue a new password for the account.
  • Uno Modes

  • !uno -c

    Same as just !uno.
  • !uno -e

    Elimination mode (flags: +ahrtjE)
  • !uno -d

    Death mode (flags: +ahtjD)
  • !uno -o

    Oldschool mode (flags: +atw) (recommended)
  • !uno -n

    Newschool mode (flags: +atjw)
  • !uno -j

    Jigsy mode (flags: +wx) (lol)
  • !uno -x

    eXtreme mode (flags: +ahrtujwx)
  • !uno -p

    Pro mode (flags: +ahjwP)
  • Uno Flags

  • +a   Adds the attack cards.
  • +b   Adds a bot into the game.
  • +c   Adds 2 additional colors in the deck. (purple / orange)
  • +f   Makes a bot join before you instead of after. (requires +b)
  • +g   Makes it so guests can join.
  • +h   Adds the hitall cards.
  • +i   Makes the ai play insanely fast.
  • +r   Enables randdraw, similar to uno attack.
  • +s   Starts the game instead of waiting 60 seconds.
  • +t   Adds the trade cards.
  • +u   Enables under cuts, or play cutting.
  • +j   Adds the joker cards.
  • +w   Adds the priceless wild draw 10.
  • +x   Adds the priceless wild draw 25.
  • +S   Enables speed uno, 20s per turn. (same as !suno)
  • +P   Enables pro mode, makes it so points count.
  • +D   Enables death mode, last player remaining wins.
  • +E   Enables elimination mode, last player remaining wins.
  • #Channel Commands

  • !uno

    This is classic uno, with max 1m 20s per turn.
  • !suno

    This is classic uno, but with 20s per turn.
  • !start|st

    Starts the game early. (registered only)
  • !end

    This removes you. (same as !remove)
  • !remove

    This will remove you from the round.
  • !join

    This will let you join the active round providing it hasn't started yet.
  • !play|p [color] <card>

    Play a card of your choice. (eg: "p r 5" .. to play a red 5)
  • !color|c <color>

    Selects a color. eg: "c r" for red, "c b" for blue, etc..
  • !trade|t <nick>

    Selects a player to trade with. eg: "t nick" etc..
  • !joker|j <nick>

    Selects a player to hit with 3 cards. eg: "j nick" etc..
  • !cut|cu [color] <card>

    This will do similar to play, except this cuts in line.
  • !pass|pa

    This passes if you can't play a card. (must draw first)
  • !draw|d

    This draws a card in the event you need to draw one.
  • !time|ti

    Time elapsed since the round started.
  • !order|or

    Order of play, shows who is up, next, etc..
  • !cards|cards

    Shows your cards to you.
  • !count|co

    Shows how many cards each player has.
  • !points|pts

    This shows how much each players cards are worth. (limited)
  • !deck|de

    Shows how many cards are remaining in the deck.
  • !ai [on|off]

    Turns AI mode on/off for the player. (registered only)
  • !id

    Shows the current match id.
  • !stat [name]

    Displays stats for the [name], or the nick that typed it.
  • !compare [name1] [name2]

    Compares name1's stats against name2's stats.
  • !top10 [network]

    Shows the top 10 players, or that networks top10. (sorted by points)
  • !top10n

    Shows the top 10 players for the current network. (sorted by points)
  • !stats

    Displays a link to this site.
  • !about

    Shows a quick about notice.
  • !version|ver

    Shows current version in use.