Uno Flags
Below are the flags in more detail and what they do to for a round. Flags can also be combined, for example if you want to start a game withattacks and trades, you would type !uno +at in the channel.

Keep in mind flags that are not within the + are not counted, so typing !uno + a t for example is not the same as !uno +atand will result in either incorrect flags, or flags that are not enabled all together.
This adds attack cards into the deck for use, there are 2 attack cards per color and per deck.

As with previous versions this flag will add one bot to the round.

This adds two additional colors into the deck. These two colors are purple and orange and as with the standard 4 colors, these additionalcolors apply to all of the cards, such as attacks, draw two's, etc.. all points are the same, as well.

This makes a bot join before the player rather then after. (this flag requires +b since it adds a bot)

This enables guests to play. However, this is mostly nulled due to the fact that guest play is allowed globally. There may be certaintimes when this flag can be used, possible times include contests or otherevents that require registration based play.

This adds hit all cards into the deck for use, there are 2 hit all cards per color and per deck.

This enables rand draw for the round. Which is similar to the official uno attack game, however that should not be confused with the attack card. What thisdoes is causes draws to result in a random draw. If you're familar with uno attack, then you can skip this as it's pretty much the same.

If not, enabling this causes a random choice on draws. There is a slight chance that you will get a special draw, which results inbetween 1 and 7 carddraws. If you get the special draw you will receive between 1 and 7 cards, and will be skipped. Otherwise, draws are the same, as you will still receive1 card otherwise.

Using this flag will make the bot immediately start the game instead of waiting the default 60 seconds. Players can still join for up to 60 seconds however, sokeep that in mind if you want to start games early all the time.

This adds trade cards into the deck, there are 2 trade cards per deck.

This enables undercuts for the round, this is sort of like a gametype, during play, if the up card is a red 5 for example, and you happen to have a green 5but it isn't yet your turn. You can type "cut g 5" instead of "play g 5" and it'll cut in line.

When a person cuts, it is still the original persons turn, however the up card will be set as whatever the person that cut, had played. So the up cardwould be changed from a red 5 to a green 5. The person that is actually up, will now have to play a green card, or a 5 card. Unless they have a specialcard such as a wild, wd4, etc.

A side note however, this mode is only valid for games that have MORE than 2 players. As 2 player games this would result in rather short games. Also,the only valid cards that can be cut are 0-9 cards, the other cards such as reverse, skip, wild, etc.. are not valid cuts. So keep that in mind as well.

This adds joker cards into the deck, there are 2 joker cards per deck.

This adds wild draw 10 cards into the deck, there are 2 wd10 cards per deck.

This adds wild draw 25 cards into the deck, there is 1 wd25 card per deck.

This enables speed uno for the round. Instead of the typical 1min 20sec, player turns are limited to 20sec max to complete their turn. If they failthen they are removed from the current round, typical rules apply otherwise.

This enables the pro gametype which like the others, needs a little more explanation. You should read up carefully on this mode if you intend to play it, as italters the points quite a lot. You can find more information on the Gametypes guide.

This enables the death gametype, which like elimination is a complete change to the way uno is played, you can find more information on theGametypes guide.

This enables the elimination gametype, which is a complete change from the average uno play. Since this is a gametype you can find more information onthe Gametypes guide.