If you're new to irc uno or just looking for information these guides should get you started in the right direction, we try to cover the more commonthings people look for, to begin simply click one of the links over there on the right >>>>.

If you'd like to know what uno is, you should probably start at the What is Uno? guide and continue ondown to the other guides, they are in order from top to bottom as most new players may need them.

If after looking at our guides you still have any questions or are looking for more information, feel free to ask an Operator in the irc channel, theyare the ones with @ next to their name and should be able to assist you. If none are around there's always a good chance another irc uno playermay be willing to help with any questions.

Think a guide could be improved or is missing anything? Check out the Contact Us page and contact me with theinformation, if warranted I'll look into updating the site for any changes that need to be made. :)