The legal stuff you probably skipped


Rivalflame and this service are UNOFFICIAL in nature and is in absolutely no way affiliated or sponsored by Mattel, Inc. We are making it clear we have absolutely nothing to do with them and we are in no way official, we are simply fans of uno.

Any official uno information and/or media based on this website is copyright Mattel, Inc and remains their full property. We in no way claim ANY ownership or suggested ownership of such information and/or media.

This website uses custom, licensed and some free icon media, in no way do we authorize the use of ANY of the icons on or within this website. The icons should in no way be copied, distributed, and such. You are more than welcome to create your own icons so long as you don't use ours.

The general content, logs, data, information, media etc.. is copyright Rivalflame and is prohibited to be copied/reproduced without prior permission. You are more than welcome to create your own content so long as you don't use ours.


We collect information to provide better services to our users which wouldn't be possible without it. This service collects both web based and irc based data, which may include ip addresses, game logs, visits, times, statistics, etc.. we also collect email addresses from registered users.

Any information collected will never be given to a 3rd party or otherwise given to anyone/anything outside of Rivalflame and its services. The emails are strictly used only in the event of a password reset for a user account.


Our few rules include no illegal activities, this includes anything to do with anything illegal, etc. Bypassing bans, suspensions will result in a permanent ban from the channel and all of our irc uno bots.

Any scripts/programs to play for you are prohibited and may result in suspension. The only exception is use of !ai which allows the uno bot to play for you, however abuse of this will result in it being disabled for your account, or worse, globally.

There is to be no hatred against other users, players or guests in the channel at all times, no hateful speech, racial, etc. Other than that, keep it clean and fun for everybody in the channel so we can all have a fun experience.

Spamming, flooding, or otherwise causing problems in the channel may result in a ban or suspension, we do not allow any scripts that spam the channel as well, such may include mp3 spam scripts, notices, etc.. so please check to make sure they're off before you join. :)