Getting Started


First up is registration on the irc uno bot, please note this is not required and is completely optional, the registration isonly for statistics tracking and ranking on the service.

To register simply type: /notice BotNick register yourname yourpass youremail

The BotNick will be the bots nick on irc (such as Uno), yourname is the desired username you want, yourpass is the desired password you would like and finally your email should be a valid email address.

The password should be something secure, it's frowned upon to use common or easy passwords, you should also never use the samepassword on multiple services. Passwords on this service are oneway encrypted and cannot be recovered, only reset.

Once you've registered the bot will voice you in the channel. By default all users are just regular, and the logged in users will get voice(+v) in the channel, as stated registration is optional and only used for tracking and ranking on the service.

Starting the game

In the channel, all you do is type !uno to begin a game. The bot will start a game of uno and auto add you to the round.Upon doing this, the bot will notice you 7 (or more, depending on gametype) cards. For example, lets say you get "r1 r5 g7 y3 b4 wd4 g4"..

During this starting time, the bot gives 60 seconds for others to join the game by typing join, this also works the other way,should you want to join the game, simply type join in the channel to join the current round.

Following along so far? When the round begins it will display your nick, followed by the currently up card. If you're familar with uno you wouldalready know what the up card is. If not, the up card is the currently up card on the discard pile.

Playing cards

Ok, so lets say a b5 is up, which is a blue 5 card. You can either play your b4 or your r5 card, the blue 4 is a blue card and is avalid move and the red 5 is the same number of card that is up. You can play a 5 on 5, 3 on 3, dt on dt and such, or in this case,you would play your blue 4 card.

To play a card, you type "play color number", for example you would type play b 4 to play your blue 4. The bot will thenupdate the turn to the next player. When it returns to you, you will once again need to playa card. In this example a blue 4 is up. You no longer have any blue cards. You have a few options, one being to play that green 4 of yoursand changing the up color to green.

You can also type draw to draw a card. The card you draw is able to be played prior to passing. If you still have no card to play, you wouldthen type pass to pass your turn. In this case, however, you would be able to play a wild draw 4 as well.

Playing a wd4 is easy, all you need to type is p wd4 after which the bot will ask that you choose a color. To choose a color just typec r for red, c b for blue and such. You can also use color green and so forth if you don't like shortcuts. What is a wd4 you ask? It causesthe next player to draw 4 cards, and then skips them. There is also a regular wild card, which simply lets you change the color while not skipping the nextplayer.

After that, you just continue play. In basic uno, there are special cards, being reverse (r), skip (s) and draw two (dt).. In which case they are pretty much selfexplaining, a reverse changes order of play, skip will skip the next player, draw two will cause the next player to draw two cards and will skip them.

The few special cards, being wild and wd4 can be played or used in the same way. The wild lets you change the color without skipping the next player, and thewild draw 4 causes the next player to draw 4 cards.

Winning the game

To win you simply get rid of all your cards, the first person to run out ofcards or to get rid of all their cards wins. The points are based on the remaining cards each losing player has. (to find out what pointsare worth check out the Cards guide).

There are additional ways to win depending on the gametype, for example if you're playing elimination the goal would be to cause other playersto gain cards and go over a set amount to knock them out of the game. For more information on gametypes and how to play them, check out theGametypes guide.

Avoiding penalties

Since this is irc uno the actual game penalties will be skipped and point penalties obviously apply to registered accounts only. If theplayer fails to complete their turn within 1 minute 20 seconds that player will be removed from the game and their turn forfeited.Play then resumes in order providing there are still 2 or more players remaining.

Causing a game to completely end not only has a leave penalty, but also has an end penalty.

If the player leaves the channel or network they have 1 minute to return and either complete their turn or they will be removed. They areconsidered idle, or a ditcher and will receive a penalty for it.

If you remove yourself from the game, you will receive a 50 point penalty. If there are only 2 players (eg: 1v1) then you are also given anending penalty of 100 points for causing the game to end.

Please note this service allows guest play, which obviously would have no effect on since they don't have accounts. However,guests are handled slightly different, instead, they get strikes against the specific player, and after so many strikes the player isthen suspended from starting or playing in a round for a 24 hour period.

Repeatedly causing penalties will reset in a ban or full suspension for a variable period of time.

Ending notes

That's pretty much the basics of getting started in uno. On note, unlike other bots, our bots have an ai framework in place, so you neverhave to play alone. All you do is start a game, if nobody has joined before the round starts, a bot will join the game. The bots range frombeginners, to skilled players and will play accordingly.

By now you should hopefully understand the basics of playing uno, if you still have any questions, or needmore help, you can check out the commands page, another guide, or you can ask in the channel and somebody should help you out. :)