Uno Tips
The best tip by far, is simply saving your special cards, being wild's, draw two's, etc.. this may take awhile but if you get the chance,and are down to just them you can easy go out in a 1v1 game by comboing the cards.

Keeping draw two's, wild draw four's and such will also give the player more cards right before you win, thus giving you more points whenyou do win. Be careful however to make sure you'll go out, as that player could pick up a card to take you down and give you enough cards sothat you won't win anytime soon.

This also has a slight downfall, because if you do save your good cards in an attempt to go out in a combo, it means another player is given thechance to win, and if they do they will get more points from you than they would have, had you gotten rid of the cards. Note however, this is mosteffective in a 1v1 game.

Drawing when somebody is about to win or has uno is also a good idea if you don't have any good cards. As you may pick up a wild draw 4, ordraw two in the color you need. Even a skip or reverse may prolong it and is a simple tip.

Another thing to do is bluff, get rid of cards in one color so that you only have maybe one or two cards left in that color. Switch to anothercolor and get rid of all those cards, so you are left with the previous color you had. Sometimes people think you don't have that color, and willtry to change it so you can't win, but instead they give you the color you want.

Also, one thing is also drawing when maybe you don't need to. Sometimes this can lure the player into thinking you don't have anything when you doin fact have something.

There are many other tricks and tips to playing and winning uno, the above is just a few that could help you win or lose, many people that play thegame a lot learn unique tips and strategies that work and make them win.