Uno Gametypes

Death Uno

This gametype makes each player draw 16 cards on join instead of the typical 7. The idea is to force your opponents into drawingcards, you need to make the other players in the round draw cards, as opposed to giving them cards.

Each player can only draw ONCE in a round. Which means if you draw twice, you're killed fromthe game and lose. The only way to gain cards, is for others to give you a draw two, joker, and such. The object behindthis is to keep as many cards as possible. It's a wise idea to save the skips, reverses and other cards like that,but of course you should use them if you have to.

Scoring is mostly the same as regular uno, the cards are worth the same. The main difference is that instead of your opponentscards, your own cards are where the points come from. So the more cards you have when your the last one remaining in the gamethe more points you get. Special cards are recommended to hang onto unless your out of options.

This gametype changes the winning for uno in general, you will no longer be able to win by running out of cards. If you happento run out of cards in this gametype, you're simply forced to draw a card otherwise.

Due to possible conflicts in gametypes and/or gamemodes, when death uno is selected or chosen, certain flags are not allowed. This includesthe flags +P, +E, +r, +u, and +x. You are free to choose the other available mode flags.

Elimination Uno

In this gametype, every player starts with 8 cards instead of the typical 7. The idea is to knock others out of the round by givingthem cards. Once a player passes 16 cards (note: passes), they are then eliminated from the round.

Once you're eliminated you can't rejoin the current round. If you reach 0 cards you'll be forced to draw a card. You will notwin for getting rid of all your cards. In this gametype, there are tripled special cards. Which means there are triple theamount of draw two's, wild draw 4's, and such in the deck.

Scoring is more or less the same as death uno. The points are calculated the same as with regular uno, except the points come from the winnershand. The more cards the winner has, the more points. All of the cards are worth the same as both classic uno, and death uno. No changeshave been made as far as that goes.

Due to possible conflicts in game types and/or game modes, when Elimination is selected or chosen, certain modes/flags are not allowed. Thisincludes the flags +P, +D, +u, and +x. You are free to choose the other available mode flags however.

Pro Uno

The general idea behind this gametype is that it sets more rules for a game and mostly alters the way points are done. Please keep in mind however thisis for classic or regular uno only. None of the other game types.

Rounds are played in the same style as before, and all gameplay remains mostly the same. By sets morerules I am mostly talking about the use of flags. It disables the use of a lot of the more game altering flags. Also note, when playing thismode only registered users may join or start an uno round. Guests AND bots are prohibited from joining/starting pro rounds.

Pro uno scoring is somewhat different, and prior to playing this mode you should read carefully. The main thing in this, is that insteadof the opponents getting away with just a loss, they now get their points taken away. The winner of the round not only receives their points,but each player that lost the round, will be subtracted the number of points that the winner won.

But that's not all, the points are times the number of players. Eg: "points x players".. So a regular 2 player game nets double points. A 3player game, nets 3x the points. And all of the losers, get the total subtracted.

This is a more lethal gametype, as you don't just gain points, but you can severely lose points as well. It is based more for the pro uno playersthat like to take risks. The payout in points is higher but the risk is ultimately higher.

Due to possible conflicts and restrictions that this gametype is designed to set, the following game mode flags are disabled from use during this typeof game: +D, +E, +S, +t, +s, +g, +b, and +f.