What is Uno?

Object of the game

The object of uno is to be the first person to score up to 500 points or a set limit agreed upon by all players. Pointsare gained by getting rid of all the cards in your hand (note some gametypes change this).

This service however, does not follow the 500 point limitation, rather it's reset every few years and there are noset limits a player can reach, a player can reach more than 1,000,000 points if they play enough.

Uno in brief

Once the deck (or pack) of cards is shuffled, each player is dealt 7 cards with the remainder of the deck placed face downto form the draw pile (When this pile is gone the played cards are shuffled to form a new draw pile).

The top card, also considered the up card, is turned over to begin the discard pile. The first player to go has to matchthe card in the discard pile either by number, color, or symbol. For example, if the card is a red 7, the player must putdown a red card or any color 7 card (eg: green 7). Also, the player can put down a wild card (see below) such as thewild draw 4.

If the player does not have a card to match the one on the discard pile, a card from the draw pile must be picked up. Ifthe card picked up can be played, the player is free to put it down in the same turn. Otherwise play moves onto the nextplayer. When a player has only one card left, they must yell "uno" (meaning One).

Failure to do this results in them having to pick up two cards from the draw pile. This is only necessary though if theyare caught by one of the other players in the round/game. Once a player has no cards left, the game is then ended. Pointsare scored based on the cards the opponent(s) have in their hands (see below).

Please note, on this service you are not required to type or say uno when you have one card left. The irc uno bot willautomatically announce that you have uno and are down to one card remaining in the channel.

The rules of uno

Choosing a dealer, normally every player picks a card and the player who picks the highest number card deals. Special cardscount as zero, however on this service the bot will always deal the cards, and play begins with the person thatstarted the game*.

Starting the discard pile, this is usually done once the hands are dealt, the card on the top of the remaining deck isturned up to begin the discard pile. The bot handles both the draw and discard piles.

Note: The bot allows players to use flag +f to make a bot to join the game prior to the player. Play would begin withthe bot instead of the player in this case.

Uno cards

There are by default, 108 cards in an official uno deck which include 4 total colors, being red, blue, green, and yellow. Inadditional the special cards are almost always black/white. Each color has 4 each of the numbers through 0-9, draw two's,reverses, and skips. There is a total of 4 each of the special cards, being wild, wild draw four, and so on.

Our service includes over 108 cards due to having a few other gametypes, cards, etc.. with the combined cards thereare over 115 cards in a deck. Some cards include the attack, trade and joker, you can find more on these via theCards guide.

Please note these cards do not mean classic uno is affected, these cards are optional and do not change the 108 default.

Scoring and points

Scoring is easy, the first player to get rid of their cards wins the game and receives the points for the cards the otheropponent(s) still have in their hand. All number cards (0-9) are worth their face value. For example, a red 6 is worth 6points while a green 5 is worth 5 points. And yes, a blue 0 is worth 0 points.

A reverse, skip, draw two, attack, and the hit all card is worth 20 points each. A wild, wild draw 4, wild draw 10, trade,and joker are worth 50 points each. And lastly, the wild draw 25, 50, 75 and 100 is worth 100 points each.

And for the ones that knew about the wild draw infinite, the card never panned out. And will probably never see introductionsimply because it would be a death card, being infinite, after all.


In official uno games there are usually no bonus points at all, on our service however, players are sometimes rewarded with extra pointsat the end of the game for winning.

These points range from a few points, to a few hundred, to even over a thousand points extra, though the higher ones are more rare. Onnote, there used to be a secondary bonus in place, where as any game played on a Friday had a better chance at a bonus (cutin half, really), this is no longer featured in the bot to keep it fair all around.

Time bonuses were introduced with v2.x in November of 2007, and has been brought into the v3.0.2+ series as well. These bonuses areapplied for games under 40 seconds, and games over 10 minutes in length. The bonuses are at most, 200 or so. This may be adjustedin time however.

What's an uno card?

What indeed, an uno card is a typical playing card. If you've never seen one, or are just wondering what one might look like,heres a few examples below on what the typical usa / house rules uno cards look like..

Uno CardUno CardUno CardUno CardUno CardUno Card

Wrapping up

That about wraps up this section, hopefully you're now semi familar with what uno is and how it works, the next thing upwould be to learn how to play on our service, which begins on the Getting Started guide.